The purpose and goals of this sorority shall be to assemble its members in the fellowship of Omega Phi Alpha to develop friendship, leadership, and cooperation by promoting service to the university community, to the community at large, to the members of the sorority, and to the nations of the world.

When I think about Omega Phi Alpha, I picture my college life thus far, filled with my sisters and all of the amazing service projects that we do together. It is true- we are a sorority, but we are a service sorority. We still have frequent sisterhood events which are always a lot of fun, but we don’t drink, and we don’t “party” like some people may imagine that all girls in a sorority do.

Our main purpose is service, and my purpose in creating this blog will be to document my experiences in OPhiA. While some experiences that I document will be purely fun and some purely dramatic, I hope that mostly I will be able to capture the greatness that is Omega Phi Alpha, past present and future.

On a slightly different note, while searching for other Omega Phi Alpha related websites, pictures, videos, etc. online today, I stumbled upon this video from the Alpha Kappa chapter’s 2010 Fall rush. I like this video because it highlights our three cardinal principles, shows pictures of the sisters serving others, and it helps that the opening song is from Glee. 🙂