Apart from all of the service that we are involved in, sisterhood activities are my favorite part of Omega Phi Alpha. I absolutely love all of my sisters, and the sisterhood events that we plan always bring me closer to more girls that I may not otherwise get to know. I love planning our events, and I have been on the sisterhood committee for both of my active semesters. I won Miss Friendship at our banquet last spring, and I ran for Sisterhood Chair this year.

This week we had a sisterhood event- Bowling at Brunswick XL in Kennesaw. We went on the discount night, so it was very affordable. For me to rent shoes and play two games, it was only about $6. Only a few sisters were able to attend, but we still had a lot of fun! I won both games. 🙂 They also have laser tag at Brunswick, and I think that we will plan to do this for a sisterhood event in the future. We may even plan to do it for a family night- Chi vs Lambda. I am really excited about that!

For one of our service projects for our sisters, we have decided to create a care package to send to our newest Omega Phi Alpha chapter, Alpha Mu at Boston University. I signed up to create a list of sisterhood tips for the newest chapter to help them get started. Here is my letter to them that will be included in the care package:

“Hello, Alpha Mu Chapter of Omega Phi Alpha!

My name is Teigan McIntosh, and I am an active sister in the Alpha Zeta Chapter of OPA at Kennesaw State University. I pledged in Fall 2010, so this is my second active semester. I am so excited to welcome you as the 26th chapter of OPA! I absolutely LOVE all of the service opportunities along with the sisterhood events that come with being a part of OPA. Each semester, we require that each sister obtain a minimum of three sisterhood points. However, the sisterhood committee (which I am a part of) tries to plan at least two sisterhood events per month so that all of the sisters have an ample opportunity to earn their three points.

So, I am writing to give you some SISTERHOOD TIPS- ways in which our chapter has kept things fun!

  1. Sporting Events– We choose both college sports (on campus and at other colleges near us like Georgia Tech) and professional games to attend (hockey, baseball, etc.). We go to a Braves game every spring. In the past, we have chosen to “adopt” women’s sports such as Volleyball and Lacrosse. For these teams that we “adopt,” we choose three to four games, and the sisters who attend these games get sisterhood credit.
  2. Miniature Golf, Laser Tag, Skating, or Bowling– We go bowling together on discount night. At the bowling place near campus, this is Thursday night, and it costs $6 per sister for shoe rental and two games. (We actually went bowling this week!)
  3. Movies– We went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter 7 Part 1. You could also have a movie night together in a room on campus or at a sister’s apartment or house.
  4. Dinners– We do sisterhood dinners at local restaurants such as Chili’s, Applebee’s, or Moe’s. (Moe’s Mondays is great!) Potluck dinners are also a great idea if you can reserve a room on campus. One idea that you could utilize to have sisters get to know each other is to have each sister switch tables each time they get up to get more to eat or drink. This way, sisters will have an opportunity to talk to more than just one table. I think that this would be a great idea especially at the beginning of a semester or even as an event for pledges and actives to do together. Sometimes, we do a set potluck where girls must sign up to bring certain foods, instead of being able to bring whatever they want. We do this because sometimes we end up with a whole lot of desserts and not very much substantial food.
  5. Group Exercise Classes– At our gym on campus, they have several group exercise classes. We have done Zumba together.
  6. Game Day– Two years ago, the pledges and the actives played each other in a game of flag football. Last year, we split up into six teams and played a game of “Olympics.” We had each team wear a certain color (red, purple, green, etc.), and we played field day type games such as a three legged race, bean bag toss, and a scavenger hunt. We had part of the sisterhood committee make prizes for the winning team.
  7. Local Attractions– Our campus is located close to Atlanta, so we are able to take advantage of fun stuff like the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke.
  8. Pottery Painting– We went to a paint your own pottery studio and painted together.
  9. Arts and Crafts Night– Everyone brings something to paint, and we enjoy a fun night of crafting together!
  10. PJ Party or Sleepover– Going to Ihop or Waffle House at night in your pajamas can be a lot of fun! For the sleepover, you can rent a room on campus or get together at a sister’s house or apartment.
  11. Ice Cream Party– Everyone who wanted to participate stayed after chapter one week and we had an ice cream party! Sisters who donated ice cream, bowls, spoons, sprinkles, etc. also received sisterhood credit.
  12. Family Day– This is an event that we usually do in the spring when the weather is nice, and we allow sisters to invite their family members or friends. We have done Family Day as a scavenger hunt, a festival of games, or a board game event. There are many options here, but I think that it is important for the sisters to meet each other’s friends and family, and this is a great way to get everyone together.
  13. Christmas Party– In the past, we have held our Christmas party at the clubhouse of one of our alum’s parent’s subdivisions. I think this year we will have it somewhere on campus or at a sister’s apartment building’s party room. We had a tacky sweater contest, but some sisters who did not want to do this dressed up in cute, holiday clothes. We had a potluck dinner and played games.
  14. Banquet– We held a banquet at the end of spring semester, and we celebrated everything that we had accomplished that semester. We gave award certificates to sisters who earned over 30 hours of service and sisters who had perfect attendance at all of our chapters. We also voted online for awards for Miss Leadership, Miss Friendship, and Miss Service. (I won Miss Friendship!) To make this day special, we had the event catered, and we all dressed up.
  15. Themed Chapters– Aside from being really fun, doing themed chapters gives busy sisters an opportunity to get sisterhood credit at our chapter meetings.
    1. OPA Theme chapter (wear your letters)
    2. Halloween chapter (wear a costume)
    3. Valentine’s Day chapter (This year we used the colors to indicate relationship status. Red=In a relationship; Pink=It’s complicated; Purple= married; White=Single)
    4. Alphabet chapter (Dress up as something that begins with the first letter of your name. I dressed up as toilet paper- I looked basically like a mummy.)

Overall, I would say that sisterhood events should encourage sisters to participate with everyone, not just their best friends. I try to participate in all of the sisterhood events that I can, and by doing so, I have gotten to know so many of my sisters on a deeper level than I would be able to at chapter and service events alone.

It is so great to be part of an organization that is dedicated to making the world a better place, and I hope that you come to enjoy the joys of sisterhood just as much as I do! I am actually keeping a blog about all of my OPA experiences, and you should check it out: omegaphialpha.wordpress.com.

Love in O Phi A,

Teigan McIntosh”

I hope that they will find some of these tips helpful or inspirational in some way!

Also, I updated the Omega Phi Alpha Wikipedia page to include this newest, 26th chapter of Omega Phi Alpha and the 2011-2012 President’s project: Archiving OPA.