While reading “Winning” on The Leadership Blog, I really started to think that our sorority needs a win! Lately, we have not been very successful in our efforts- simply mediocre, in my opinion. We hold fundraisers, but we don’t raise much money. We volunteer at an event, but our work rarely goes further than that. Other than organizations that we volunteer for regularly, such as Books for Africa and City of Refuge, our services for a particular organization end once our donation or hands-on service deadline passes.

However, we are now working on two projects that I feel could change this pattern: Light the Night and Relay for Life! These projects give us opportunities to collaborate with other student organizations on campus as well as organizations in our community. Building these bonds will be vital to make these events big “wins,” and help us in all of our future efforts. Having connections can make our events bigger in that we will have support from fellow student organizations. For example, if we begin to build bonds with other fraternities and sororities on campus, they can support our fundraisers and we will support theirs in return. In this way, we both win. This goes on between other organizations and at other schools, and I feel that it is time for us to make this happen for the alpha zeta chapter of Omega Phi Alpha!

Our first project that we are currently involved in is called Light the Night to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (A project that I previously blogged about, here.) We are volunteering for this event in honor of one of our sister’s mothers who is affected by blood cancers. She was given a second diagnosis of Fibromyalgia this summer. And she also has a very rare disease, Amyloidosis, which was caught early and believed to be localized. She has endured more than five surgeries this year, and the doctors say that there is still more to be done. In order to make this event a successful “win,” we are attempting to get other organizations involved in our fundraising efforts. Also, if we are able to meet our fundraising goal of $1,000, we are hoping to have articles published in the school and local newspapers about our accomplishments. (So far, we have raised just over $400.) I think that this would really boost our team spirit and morale if we were able to accomplish our goal! Not only because of the great cause that we are working for, but also because of our personal connection to our service.

Later today, I am going to visit a fraternity’s chapter meeting with two other sisters to ask them to get involved with our cause. We are going to propose that they help with our team’s fundraising efforts for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Fingers crossed that it goes well!

Our second service project that we are beginning to work on is Relay for Life. There is a Relay for Life team that has recently formed at Kennesaw State University, and we are already involved! While Relay for Life will not take place until the spring, we are starting our efforts now. This week, I made buttons with another sister that we will sell to raise money for the American Cancer Society, and we will wear them for Paint the Campus Purple week this week (October 10th– October 14th).

Sisters are also volunteering to sit at tables on the campus green to encourage other students to sign up for the KSU Relay for Life team. There are other events going on this week, but those are the two that I am involved in.

Another sister was telling me about her fundraising ideas for Relay for Life next semester… She would like to hold a “Bark for Life” which will be held at a local dog park. Everyone will bring their dogs, there will be a pet costume contest, food, games, etc. This event will be another opportunity to collaborate with other fellow student organizations as well as community organizations such as the local animal shelters and other pet-oriented groups. I really like her ideas, and I think that this event could be a success, a memorable and fruitful fundraiser for a great cause!