Last Friday night was our annual Big/Little event at Cagle’s Dairy in Canton, GA. Both of my littles were able to attend, and I had so much fun with them! I also got to know some of the other pledges a little bit better which is always a plus. We decided not to do the corn maze, but we did get there in time to hang out with the other girls before it was time to go on the hay ride! I was surprised to see a hot air balloon there, giving tethered rides to people at the farm. Of course, I had to go over to say hi and represent Head Balloons. 🙂

Then, we all got together to wait for our turn to go on the hayride. After a short and bumpy ride, we arrived at the fire pits to roast marshmallows! Of course, I got marshmallow all over my face, but I am not going to put those pictures here for you to see. Here are some nicer photos of us hanging out at Cagle’s!

Overall, I had a great night! Unfortunately, we did not have enough people attend the event and it did not pass. In order for it to pass, we had to have 75% of the big sisters and 75% of the little sisters present at the event…. We did not make this number by 3 girls- 2 pledges and 1 active. 😦 While this is very dissapointing, I am looking forward to the next Big/Little event that we will do on October 23rd. We are going to have a potluck dinner 7:00. I am really hoping that this one will pass, and I think it will, because it is directly in between the pledge meeting and the active chapter. There will be no excuse why girls can not make it to that event!!