Walking to class this morning, I saw my friend and (almost) sister, Lauren P. I was listening to my iPod, and she was on the phone, but we still acknowledged each other. We smiled, waved, and blew each other a kiss at the same time. Ok, I realize that this sounds really corny and could be possibly disturbing to some of you reading this, but in that moment I was extremely grateful to have my sisters in my life! KSU is such a big school with tens of thousands of students, and it is extremely too easy to feel lost. That is where I was at my freshman year, before I found Omega Phi Alpha. Now, I see my sisters around campus, like Lauren P., and I feel connected. It truly is the small things that make a difference in my day.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog about Omega Phi Alpha this semester, and the positive support that I have received from my sisters has made it worth my while! I want to send a big THANK YOU shout out to all of my sisters that I love so much! Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me, not just in my blog, but in everything!

Here are some of the responses to my blog that I have received from my sisters in just the past day…


“I feel like your blog is awesome and u went above and beyond on each post but thats just me. 🙂 Are you going to keep blogging after its due? Please do!!”

“I finally got around to reading you blog and it is amazing!!!”

“Teigan!!! I am SO proud of you – I have SOOOO enjoyed reading your blog this semester 🙂 You are, without a doubt, one of the most beneficial pieces of Alpha Zeta. You have such a positive influence on your fellow sisters and your constantly upbeat demeanor is such an inspiration. Love you sweet girl!”


Wow!! These comments meant so much to me ladies. All I know to say is THANK YOU!! Again and again, my sisters have blessed me with kind words and compliments. As Holly Getty says in her post on T.J. Sullivan‘s Hungry Leader Blog, Learn to Drink in the Compliments,  “… If you can accept compliments, even for small things, you will attract more compliments. If you say positive words about the way you look or what is on your body, you will attract more positive words.” I am going to keep the chain going- positive karma leading to more positive karma and hopefully we can make the world a little bit brighter. Like this morning when I say Lauren P.- I know that the smile was still on my face after we crossed paths, and, hopefully, someone else saw my smile and they smiled as well. (Smiles are contagious, you know… You were supposed to know that already!)

Along these lines, I loved reading Talin‘s post, Laughter Is The Best Medicine. This quote spoke to me because it reminds me of our sisterhood, one big family, and I want to leave you with it to think about…

“We should learn to love each other as one big family of our world, we should learn to live and let live, we should focus our energy on laughter, the good things in life, and maybe just maybe we would hear good news on our television sets, and these newscasters would spread around goodness instead of the bad. Its been a long time I have heard any good news from these news broadcasters. Wouldn’t it be nice to see good news and more love around the world? I believe in peace and harmony and I believe that we can all make a difference one person at a time.”