The first ever Kennesaw State University Relay for Life is right around the corner!!! (Friday, April 13th @ 7:00 pm – Saturday, April 14th @ 7:00 am) All together, we have already raised $19,327 for the American Cancer Society!!!!! I can’t believe it- we have already gotten so close to our $20,000 goal. 🙂

Omega Phi Alpha’s team is definitely doing their part- our team has raised $3,298 so far!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO proud of all of my sisters and the time and effort that they have already put in for this great cause. I absolutely can’t wait for the night of the event, and it is not that far away! KSU Relay for Life is THIS Friday, April 13th @ 7:00 pm on the Green on KSU’s campus.

As Omega Phi Alpha’s team captain, I have been working toward Relay for months now- there is so much to do! First, we had to vote on Relay as an official service project for the semester and work with our Service Director to decide how service hours would be earned. There are tons of opportunities for girls to earn credit for this project! Registering online at and donating $10 is one hour, and each $10 increment raised on their personal fundraising page past that original $10 is one hour toward their personal hours (not our minimum required 25 hours per semester for active status). Hours could also be earned by donating other various items like signs, decorations, drinks, etc. Then, there are lots of hands-on hours to be earned! If girls registered before March 15th, they have the opportunity to earn hour-for-hour up to 12 hours. If they register between March 16th and the day of the event, they can get hour-for-hour up to 6 hours. If they do not register, they can come to the event and earn hour-for-hour with a max of 2 hours. More girls than I expected signed up for the entire 12 hours, and I am very excited to spend the entire night with them! Some of us- definitely me- will be there for MUCH longer than that as set-up for the event begins at 3:00 pm on Friday, and I will probably have to stay later on Saturday morning to clean up.

We also held a yard sale to raise money for Relay that make $630!! Yes, you read that correctly- $630!! 🙂 (Girls could receive service hours for their donations to this project.) While we received lots of great donations from sisters, the yard sale would not have been the great success that it was without the generous help and donations from Caitlin’s parents. The yard sale was at their house, they donated most of the things that we sold at the yard sale, and they were an amazing help donating their time and talents to this great cause! Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Amick! 🙂

In the past couple of weeks, I have been working on getting donations for our on-site fundraiser. We have a popcorn machine and supplies from Parker’s aunt, cupcakes from the Publix bakery where Allie works, and cookies from Jillian’s mom at Cookie Chic. These are going to match our carnival theme, and they are going to be amazing!! Here is a preview:

So, getting everything finished for Relay is this week is going to be very busy! I still have to make some signs (Caroline is going to help me in TRAC on Tuesday morning), attend Bank Night on Tuesday night to turn in our team’s final money, pick up participant t-shirts for our team members who raised at least $100, and choose our campsite on the Green. I also need to purchase bags for our popcorn and face paint this week. Oh, and finalize everyone’s schedule- I have a huge spreadsheet with everyone’s task assignment color coded, individual time assignments to hand out to sisters at the event, and sign-in sheets for each station. I want everything to be as organized as possible so that things run smoothly at the event.

I will be back with more Relay info as soon as I can update.