Omega Phi Alpha: National Service Sorority

Omega Phi Alpha is a national service sorority that was founded as a national organization in 1967. Omega Phi Alpha sisters are committed to OPhiA’s three cardinal principles of friendship, leadership, and service, and spend thousands of hours each year serving their communities. The service aspect of our sorority is what sets us apart from social sororities. Each semester, sisters plan and participate in service projects that benefit the university community, the community-at-large, the members of the sorority, and the nations of the world. We believe in building a strong sisterhood through serving others and making a difference in our world.

Omega Phi Alpha is a dry sorority, which means that sisters and pledges are not permitted to consume alcohol at any of our events. We are also non-selective and very diverse in our membership, qualities that make OPhiA different from many other organizations and things we are very proud of.

There are currently 26 active chapters of Omega Phi Alpha. Chapters are created throughout the country at colleges and universities to serve these ideals. University students are able to join Omega Phi Alpha during a rush period, serve as active members throughout their collegiate career, and eventually become alumnae.

As alumnae, members can participate in a great deal of leadership opportunities, benefiting from and promoting the principles of Omega Phi Alpha long beyond their collegiate years.”\

More information can be found on the national website.


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