Omega Phi Alpha: National Service Sorority

Fall 2012 Retreat

Fall Retreat went so well this year! I am truly blessed with an amazing group of actives. 🙂

Since this was the first time that I would actively be serving as president in front of everyone, I was suffering from a mild case of stage fright. I was so nervous about what I had to say and how I would say it… I kept trying to rehearse my lines to myself and my other EB members. I was so afraid to mess up in front of everyone… Needless to say, my fears were NOT necessary! All of the actives are so sweet and understanding; they offer me nothing but support! Once we got going, I couldn’t believe how nervous I had been… or how lucky I am to be surrounded by such beautiful young women.

Of course it was a little awkward at first- especially with all of the motions for voting and such- but once we got going, it was fine. 🙂 One of the first things that I had to tell everyone was that we did not have a chapter room yet. (At the time, I was still working out our reservation with the Student Life office.) I thought that everyone would freak out or blame me or something, but they took it very well- I was shocked! Their trust in me gave me confidence, and I thank them for that. This may seem silly to anyone who has not dealt with a large group of young people (I am thinking back to my days in church youth group), but one of the most shocking realizations of how awesome my girls are happened when the pizza was late. They didn’t complain, and when it did arrive, they formed an orderly line and got their pizza… It is truly the little things in life! 🙂

In the following two days, business continued to go very smoothly! All but one of our amendments passed. We did not raise the mimimum required service hours for active sisters to 30, it remains at 25 hours. The first few amendments that passed were not very exciting- we simply moved the officer descriptions from our constitution to our bylaws, added, “Update all service records and forms at least once per semester,” to the Service Director position description, added, “Update all membership records and forms at least once per semester. These forms should include but are not limited to our roster, contact list, and family trees,” to the Membership Director position description, and added, “She shall attempt to collect new contact information from alumnae once per semester,” to the Alumnae Liason position description. We also took out the fees of an LOA semester, because we do not charge them. Then, we voted on some exciting amendments! The first is about our drug and alcohol policy:

Change to Read: (Bylaws) Article II Conduct

Section 1) No sister shall wear the letters of Omega Phi Alpha when engaging in the consumption of alcoholic beverages or engaging in any activities in which the principles of Omega Phi Alpha are not upheld. No sister shall attend any Omega Phi Alpha function while under the influence of any alcoholic or illegal substance. No sister shall post photos on any online platform of herself while engaging in any of these prohibited activities alongside photos of anything related to or including images of OPA events, letters, or insignia.

Rationale: We are a dry sorority, and we should not associate our organization with the consumption of alcoholic beverages or any other activity that does not uphold the principles of OPA. This amendment is saying that sisters are not allowed to post pictures of themselves drinking in the same album that contains pictures of OPA activities, letters, etc.

We raised our local dues to include the cost of Retreat:

Change to Read:

Section 2) Sisters on Active Status shall pay local dues of $120 in addition to the national dues of $50.

Rationale: The update in our local dues reflects the inclusion of a $60 retreat cost. Retreat is a mandatory event that all sisters should make every possible effort to attend each semester. Therefore, retreat is a cost that all members should expect to pay as a sister of Omega Phi Alpha, but may be surprised by because it is not included in the dues that we advertise. By including the price of retreat in our dues, we do not withhold any information from potential members. I feel that this inclusion (stating that dues are $170) is more straightforward that what we are doing now (stating that dues are $110, but you also have to pay $60 for our mandatory retreat). In this way, the price does not sneak up on our members, and they will know how much they are required to pay per semester.

We also added some conditions to our honorary membership status:

Change to Read:

(Bylaws) Article III Elections Section 11) Honorary members can be nominated by members or self-nominated. She will be able to wear OPA letters, attend meetings and functions if invited by the president, and receive a copy of the Chevron.

  1. To become an honorary member, a sister will complete a one year provisional period in which she must show active interest in the chapter with a minimum participation in three events per semester including chapter meetings, service events, and sisterhood events. After this year long provisional period, the chapter will vote on the sister’s honorary member status. A two-third vote is required.
  2. If the sister is rewarded honorary member status, she must sign a contract stating that she will continue to fulfill her honorary member duties and responsibilities through her graduation date. If the sister fails to participate in a minimum of three events per semester, her honorary member status may be revoked with a two-third vote by the chapter.
  3. This does not include our first advisor Louise Lawson

Rationale: Right now, there is nothing in our constitution about what we expect from our honorary members after they are awarded this status. Honorary members should continue to show interest and commitment to OPA throughout their college career, just as any other sister would. This amendment ensures that we will hold our future honorary members to a high standard- worthy of the right to wear letters and associate themselves with OPA.

We included our wedding tradition in our Bylaws:

Change to Read: (Bylaws) Article VIII. Chapter Traditions.

Section 2. On the occasion of a sister’s wedding, all Omega Phi Alpha sisters in attendance may perform the following ceremony for the bride; at some point during the bride’s wedding day, her Omega Phi Alpha sisters shall form a circle around her, sing “Yellow Rose,” and present the bride with yellow roses.

We limited the number of waivers that a sister may receive:

Change to Read: (Bylaws) Article I Section 4 Clause 1. G A sister may only receive a full waiver once throughout her active semesters.  In case of extreme financial hardship, she may apply for further full waivers with supporting documentation. 

Rationale: Our chapter cannot afford to continually waive dues for multiple sisters each semester. There are other options available for sisters who cannot afford to pay such as payment plans, partial waivers, and LOA semesters.

Changed the responsibility of determining fundraising points and the minimum at which they may be set per semester:

Change to read: f. Attain minimum fundraising points as set by the Fundraising Chair and Treasurer and approved by the chapter at the beginning of each semester with a majority vote. Fundraising points must be set at a minimum of four points each semester.  For a fundraising project to pass, it must be presented to the chapter and voted on by a majority. If a sister votes yes to a project, she is required to participate in said project.

Finally, we updated the way that we determine our sisterhood points to match the way that we determine our fundraising points:

Change to Read: g. Attend the minimum requirement of sisterhood events each semester as set by the sisterhood chair and approved by the chapter at the beginning of each semester with a majority vote.  Sisterhood points must be set at a minimum of four points each semester.  

I know that everyone doesn’t feel this way, but I enjoy the amendments! I think that proposing and voting on amendments is a great way for sisters to become involved in the leadership of our organization.

While business is the main purpose of Retreat, we also had some fun! Of course, we played signs, the birthday game, the egg/chicken/gorilla/elvis/enlightened game that I can’t name right now, and I painted as many nails as my sisters would let me! 😉 Oh, and of course we can not forget the annual traditions of mattress surfing down the hallways and late night truth or dare. I love my sisters SO much, and I wouldn’t trade our experiences together for anything! While this was my last Fall Retreat as an active, I didn’t let myself get sad- which means I didn’t even let myself think about it while I was there- and I hope that I will be able to return as an alum. I never want Omega Phi Alpha to leave my life! 🙂



EB Retreat Fall 2012

Our EB Retreat went really well- I am so excited for all of the great things that we have in store for this semester! 🙂 I am definitely looking forward to Fall Retreat this weekend. Fall Retreat is always so much fun- an amazing time to bond with your sisters. We will be going to a girl scout camp near Macon, GA, and we have lots of fun business to attend to as well as some sisterhood games and activities… And you know it just wouldn’t be retreat if I didn’t paint everyone’s nails! Stand by for a retreat recap next week.

In the mean time, I wanted to share this cool website I found: Unfortunately, they do not have Omega Phi Alpha merchandidse at this time, but that could change in the near future! You can send an email to asking them to include Omega Phi Alpha. I just sent my email, so maybe if we can get some more support on this we can see O Phi A products on this website. 🙂

Convention 2012

I wanted to write this post to tell everyone about my experience at Convention last week in Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake City is a beautiful place! I really enjoyed visiting this city. Temple Square and all of the buildings within it were beautiful, City Creek Mall was unique, and the Family Search Family History Library was educational! I was able to trace my family line back to 1797.

Caroline, Jessica B., and I had a great time at Convention, but it was not all fun and games. We learned a lot about our sorority on a national level and how to lead our sisters on a local level. This experience has prepared us for the coming year in many ways, and we cannot wait to share what we learned with the EB at our EB Retreat and with all of our active sisters at Fall Retreat!

Throughout Convention, Caroline and I attended several workshops. These included workshops on parliamentary procedure, communication, preserving OPA’s history, planning meaningful service projects, constitution clean up, and songs. We learned some awesome new OPA songs that we cannot wait to share with our other sisters!

The first thing on our business agenda at Convention was the National EB’s review of OPhiA Vision 2015 plan for Year 2. One of the bigger projects involved in the Vision plan is to employ a person to design and create a national database to better organize all OPhiA information. There is also a new OPhiA website in progress as we work to rebrand our image and recruit new members. There is work to raise money for our sorority on a national level as the NEB has piloted a Chapter Booster Club at three different chapters, and plans to expand the program soon. In the near future, OPhiA nationals will be sending letters to active sisters’ parents encouraging them to donate to the sorority of their assets and abilities as they see fit. The VP of Advancement Planning, Pamela McEwen is staring a donation program called “Friends of OPhiA.” Through this program, sisters make an annual donation of $5 to support member services, chapter support, sorority publications, and OPA’s leadership programs. Your gift will help OPA to grow and develop their programs and services. For more information on this program, please contact Pamela McEwen at

Then, we voted on the amendments to our national constitution. The first amendment, attempting to change the name of our active pin to “lifetime member badge,” failed. The active pin will still be referred to as an active pin. The second amendment, which passed, refers to our alcohol and illegal drug policy. This section states that there shall be no use, possession, or distribution of alcohol or illegal drugs of any kind at an OPA event. It goes on to define an OPA event as an event, project, meeting, or gathering that has been officially coordinated, sponsored, or promoted by any member of the sorority as part of sorority activities. An OPA event is also defined as any outing, meeting, or gathering that is discussed or planned at another OPA project, meeting, or gathering or through official means of sorority communication including sorority email or social media groups. The next amendment, which also passed, outlines the repercussions to a violation of our alcohol and illegal drug policy.

The rest of the constitutional amendments also passed, but they were not as exciting as they did not cause such heated debate as the first amendments did. They were mostly formalities moving various issues to the decision of the National Standards Board. Then, we passed a substantive proposal regarding the NEB’s Convention Registration Fees stating that the sorority will cover the Convention registration fee for all NEB members who complete at least 75% of their monthly reports and online voting as well as attend 75% of convention activities. Finally, we passed an Omega Phi Alpha Privacy Policy.

Next up we held elections for positions on the NEB. Megan Johnston, our District 3 TLC, was elected VP of Membership, Aly Inglish for VP of Business Operations, and Heather Pritchard, a Nu chapter alumna from Georgia Tech, for President Elect.

We participated in an awesome service project with TreeUtah to clean up a community garden in Salt Lake City.

At the end of business, the location for Convention 2013 was announced…. Pittsburgh!

The last event of Convention was Banquet where our chapter received numerous awards! Every 2011-2012 Alpha Zeta EB officer won the Outstanding Officer award. Then, Alpha Zeta won the Chapter Development Award as well as the Chapter Excellence Program Gold Seal for the fifth year in a row! An incredible eighteen sisters won awards for Individual Achievement in Service, and we had three sisters in the top ten for Individual Achievement in Service- Thi Nguyen, Jessica Bowron, and me, Teigan McIntosh! What a huge honor!

Convention 2012 was a great success, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to represent our Alpha Zeta chapter. I know that Caroline and Jessica feel the same way. I am excited to share all of this new information with you, and I cannot wait for all of the great things that I know we will accomplish this semester.

Alpha Zeta Info

For an unknown reason (as far as I am concerned…), someone hacked into the Kennesaw State University’s website and deleted all of the club/organization websites… So, in the meantime, Alpha Zeta has a temporary Facebook page. I just looked at it, and it looks really good! Under the “welcome” tab, there are sections for “service” and “sisterhood” that link to our old website. Unfortunately, this old website is not completely up to date with all of our current information…. But I have some current information! 🙂

After making this photo book with Priscilla, Jasmine C., and Lily for our Archiving OPA project, I have the entire roster as well as all of the current family trees. Maybe sometime soon our website will be back up and running, but until then, I will just post the info here! 🙂 First, the roster. This is how it looks in the photo book:

And here is the list again- maybe you can read it this time:





Bernhardt Alyssa


Blay Georgette


Burtner Katy


Cantrell Kelly


Carder Allison


Emmitt Marissa


Gilbert Brandi


Gilliam Amanda


Henry Erica


Holden Lori


Hu Lisa


Johnson Heather


Miller Kellie


Minton Ashley


New Liz


Simpson Summer


Smith Annie


Trotter Jamie


Turner Janice


Ahmed Ferheen


Agner Holly


Bruce Diane


Finney Casey


Flageolle Molly


Hendrix Amy


Sasser Danielle


Mabry Mishaun


Marvesty Orchid


McClusky Lindsey


Miller Ashley


Moore Amy


Nelson Chelsea


Prouty Maureen


Pruett Abby


Roper Jessica


Shah Luckie


Stanley Heather


Tone Tara


Wade Anna


Williamson Brittany


Wright Britany


Yuhas Christina


Alligood Rene


Banks Brandi


Carter Lindsey


Coughlan Courtney


Elston Heather


Farley Jillian


Farlow Kimberly


Fey Erica


Holt Amberley


Jefferson Brittiany


Jones Kayla


Sagraves Ashton


Sappington Ashton


Smith AshLeigh


Woodward Ashley


Young Tegan


Anderson Katie


Carter Marilyn


Clark Savannah


Collier Lindsey


Henry Carley


Orme Katie


VanGessel Jessica


Baldwin India


Bowron Jessica


Brower Alice


Ebeling Gabrielle


Frost Kara


Hayes Emma


Hubbuch Kendall


Huey Amanda


Huntley Samantha


Johnson Bryn


Lindke Kayla


Merwin Meagan


Miller Gaberielle


Owen Stephanie


Pierre Emmanuella


Rella Julianne


Seaman Sam


Tench Alyssa


Thompson Emily


Voisinet Jacque


Willis Ellen


Angelia Patricia A.


Archie LaToya


Banes Katavia


Bassery Minoo


Bookout Stephanie


DeAngelus Allie


Dies Kayla


Finder Jessica


Fuss Kellie


Grady Carly


Greene April


Hart Ciara


Jerman Jamie


Kean Olivia


Kimbrow Audrey


Link Brittany


Locke Rebecca


Martin Hattie


McLennon Briana


Mitas Catherine


Mondessir Nastassia


Murphy Julia


Nguyen Thi


Parsons Tiffany


Pell Dow Cassandra


Poole Amy


Puett Brittany


Quatela Kelly


Sides Katelynn


Smith Marie


Stevens Shanelle


Wilkerson Lily


Williams Candice


Abella Dawn


Alexander Kristen


Amick Caitlin


Andrews Kirsten


Anglin Amber


Bates Trikarri


Bigler Lauren


Blackwell Kearstyn


Brimm Sophia


Bunton Taylor


Cassan Caroline


Chiang Ann


Clinton Jasmine


Dobson Heather


Dominguez Angelica


Floyd Chelsea


Fussell Stacy


Garriott Keeli


Griffith Chelcie


Herro Chrstine


Jackson Ashley


Jacob Riya


Jenkins Jordan


Johnson Kenita


Kempson Kristin


Louis Vanessa


McIntosh Teigan


Mott Tanya


Parker Susan


Porter Briana


Snelling Emily


Thomas Dania


Thomas Lisa


Vaughn ChristaBeth


Wilhelm Caitlin


Woodard Kirsten


Abel Emma


Adams Caroline


Ammons Emily


Argo Ana


Banks Jennifer


Bell Tara


Braddy Angelica


Bunch Robyn


Byess Jenna


Chhabra Ray


Daniel Georgene


Fann Lauren


Finkley Terri


Furusawa Moeko


Gooding Rochelle


Guthrie Autumn


Harper Lauren


Jacques Lauren


Joseph Brittney


Kaplan Jessica


Kenney Sharon


Keysar Evelyn


Kirby Brittany


Lebanowski Malorie


Montgomery Sydney


Newell Jasmine


Onate Bella


Orr Meredith


Ospina Stephanie


Petty Lauren


Plott Allison


Podhouser Jessica


Pulliam Jessica


Rodriguez Priscilla


Ruel Courtney


Salmon Camille


Smith Julie


Tang Mei Mei


Vainer Emily


Walsh Monica


York Parker




Now, for the family trees!! 😉 You all know how much I love our family traditions, so this is very exciting for me.

Kappa Family:


Gamma Family:

Lambda Family:

Tau Family:


Chi Family:


Banquet and Officer Transitions

Well, it is that time of year, and I can hardly believe it! This year has gone by so quickly; it seems like just yesterday that we attended fall retreat, and we were talking about NEXT fall retreat at chapter last night… Crazy!

I have definitely enjoyed this year, and made some awesome new friends! I love all of the Etas, especially my littles Mei Mei and Jennifer, and I am so thankful that they were able to enjoy OPA with me. 🙂 Banquet was great, and I think that it was the perfect way to finish up the year. Our sisterhood chair, Thi, did an amazing job with our fun-filled, Cinco de Mayo celebration. We did things a little bit differently this year in that we were allowed to bring guests. I brought two- my fiance, Troy, and our friend, Zack. (Troy is on the right in blue, and Zack is on the left in green.) 🙂

As a chpater, we have accomplished some amazing things this year! As of last night  at our chapter meeting (and JB is still not completely done counting…) we have 2,675 service hours this semester!! For the whole year, we have 4,205 hours!!! That is SO amazing, and I am incredibly proud of everyone for all of their hard work. Many sisters received awards at banquet for “over 40 hours” and “over 50 hours.” I am proud of all of the girls who met our new 25 hour requirements, and impressed that so many doubled or almost doubled this requirement! Maybe we can raise our requirement to 30 hours per semester at fall retreat…. 😉

Over this year, I have seen our chapter grow, and I know that we are on our way to bigger and better things. We grew in number, but I also think we grew in friendship, leadership, and service. I know- corny… But I really think this is true! I thought that the chapter grew closer than it ever had during spring of last year, but I think that this spring has fostered even more frienship and sisterhood between the sisters. I can truly say that my sisters are some of my best friends!

At Banquet, I got awards for perfect attendance, over 50 service hours, and, most importantly, Miss OPA! 😀 I was so surprised and honored to be chosen for this award- it truly means the world to me! The other awards were given to Caroline, Miss Service and our future Service Director, Sydney, Miss Friendship, and Priscilla, Miss Leadership. Here we are:

Our chapter meeting last night, the last chapter of the semester, was also the time for our officer transition ceremony. I was happy that my grand-big, Liz, as well as other alums and our District TLC, Megan Johnson, could attend. This was a very special and memorable night for me because I was officially sworn in as the new Alpha Zeta President!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Tegan Y. even handed down our OPA presidential gavel- this proves I am important now. HAHA 😉

And in OPA fashion, we took TONS of pictures. 🙂 Here is the old EB and new EB together:

And the members of the new EB:

Service Director: Caroline, President: Teigan (ME!!), Sisterhood Chair: Tiffany, Secretary: Emily, Membership Director: Thi, Treasurer: Ann, and Vice President: Heather

These are some wonderful, amazing, and beautiful ladies. I absolutely cannot wait to serve on next year’s EB with them; it is truly and honor and a blessing to be chosen as next year’s president. Even though I feel like I have said it a thousand times, I will say it again… I want everyone to know that I am very excited for the new year and all of the great things to come. THANK YOU, sisters! I LOVE YOU!!

Relay Recap


I wrote this and submitted it to our secretary for Omega Phi Alpha’s national publication, the Chevron, but I also wanted to post it on here since I have yet to post a final reflection on Relay for Life. I am SO incredibly proud of my sisters and all of the hard work that they put in for this event.

I have always been involved in White County’s Relay for Life. At home, Relay is THE event of the year; everyone in the county is there with their whole family! It is amazing to see how many people have been affected by cancer and the hope, love, and perseverance that they bring to this great event. I was happy for Omega Phi Alpha to get involved with Kennesaw State University’s first ever Relay, and I know that the event can only get bigger from here! This is truly the beginning of a new tradition for Alpha Zeta.


 Chevron Chapter Spotlight Questionnaire

Name of person filling out this questionnaire: Teigan McIntosh (Zeta pledge class)

Position currently held, if any: 2011-2012 Marketing Director, 2012-2013 President

Location/School: Alpha Zeta chapter at Kennesaw State University

Date project took place: Friday, April 13th @ 7:00 pm – Saturday, April 14th @ 7:00 am

Name of Event: Kennesaw State University’s first ever Relay for Life

                As our chapter’s Relay for Life team captain, I started planning for “the big night” months in advance! After all, this was our first Relay for Life event, as well as Kennesaw State University’s, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect.  Luckily, my Omega Phi Alpha sister, Lauren Bigler (Zeta pledge class), was interning at the American Cancer Society under Giana Humphrey, a Relay for Life College Events Manager for the ACS. Lauren and Giana were able to answer all of my questions and help me prepare our OPA team. Leading up to the event, we volunteered at a “kick-off” night to let the KSU campus know about Relay as well as a fundraising “Pajama Blitz” party. As a team, we held a yard sale which raised $630! We couldn’t have done it without Caitlin Amick (Zeta pledge class) and her parents’ generous donations.

Our team consisted of 54 sisters including Alpha Zeta alumnae Kayla Coe (Delta pledge class), Jillian Farley (Beta pledge class), Erica Fey (Beta pledge class), Kara Frost (Delta pledge class). Many other sisters showed their support as well. Once we decided on a carnival theme for our table and tent at Relay, I started searching for businesses, vendors, family, and friends who were willing to donate to our onsite fundraiser for the night of Relay. Parker York (Eta pledge class) and her aunt, Alicia Turner, graciously donated a popcorn popper as well as supplies. Allie Plott (Eta pledge class), a Publix at Orchard Square employee, made and donated 300 cupcakes for us to sell. Jillian Farley brought us two dozen custom cookies that her mom made. (Check out her website:

We were so lucky to have these great connections, and the fact that most of our supplies were donated meant that we were able to raise more money for the American Cancer Society. Out of 32 teams, our Omega Phi Alpha team came in 2nd place for fundraising right behind the KSU Relay Committee team. As of May 4th, our team’s total amount raised for the ACS is $3,984 and KSU’s total amount is $30,507! ( I am so proud of my sisters and all of the hard work that they put in to raise funds for the American Cancer Society!

While this was one of our major service projects for the spring semester, I also consider it a sisterhood event because of the wonderful bonding time that we spent on the campus Green. Personally, I was on campus for Relay for seventeen hours straight from set-up to clean-up, and there were several sisters who accompanied me throughout the entirety of the event. Throughout the night, we bonded as we worked at our table, walked around the track, played games such as corn hole, and simply hung out together as we enjoyed the great music and entertainment. There was even a memorable 5:00 am dance and workout session led by ChristaBeth Vaughn (Zeta pledge class).

Relay for Life was my favorite projects of the semester, and it is definitely one of the most memorable events because of all the hard work that went into it as well as our great success as a team! I am so proud of my sisters, and I think that this project will become one of our traditions. Almost everyone has been touched by cancer in some way, some closer than others, and this is a great project presents a great opportunity for everyone to get involved. I recommend that other OPA chapters get involved in their local or college Relay for Life so that we can get closer to a world without cancer!

Group Photo: Description: Our team on the Campus Green in front of our on-site fundraising tent and table. Back Row (left to right): Caitlin A., Jessica B., Ray C., Emma A., Katelynn S., Lauren F., Julie S., Autumn G., Jillian F., Erica F., Amy P., Robyn B., April G. Middle Row (left to right): Lauren P., Allie P., Stephanie O., Allie D., Caroline A., Tiffany P., Tara B., Jessica P., Taylor B., Angelica D., Angelica B., Parker Y., Priscilla R., Jenna B., Brittany K., Caroline C., Christine H., Emily A., Jennifer B., Lily W.. Front Row (left to right): Candice W., Lauren J., Sharon K., Thi N., Teigan McIntosh

Banner Photo: Description= Our team lap to kick off the night. Front Row (holding banner, left to right): Emily A., Katelynn S., Caroline C.. Second Row: Candice W., Jenna B. Third Row: Tegan Y., Jillian F., Erica F.

Countdown to Relay for Life!


The first ever Kennesaw State University Relay for Life is right around the corner!!! (Friday, April 13th @ 7:00 pm – Saturday, April 14th @ 7:00 am) All together, we have already raised $19,327 for the American Cancer Society!!!!! I can’t believe it- we have already gotten so close to our $20,000 goal. 🙂

Omega Phi Alpha’s team is definitely doing their part- our team has raised $3,298 so far!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO proud of all of my sisters and the time and effort that they have already put in for this great cause. I absolutely can’t wait for the night of the event, and it is not that far away! KSU Relay for Life is THIS Friday, April 13th @ 7:00 pm on the Green on KSU’s campus.

As Omega Phi Alpha’s team captain, I have been working toward Relay for months now- there is so much to do! First, we had to vote on Relay as an official service project for the semester and work with our Service Director to decide how service hours would be earned. There are tons of opportunities for girls to earn credit for this project! Registering online at and donating $10 is one hour, and each $10 increment raised on their personal fundraising page past that original $10 is one hour toward their personal hours (not our minimum required 25 hours per semester for active status). Hours could also be earned by donating other various items like signs, decorations, drinks, etc. Then, there are lots of hands-on hours to be earned! If girls registered before March 15th, they have the opportunity to earn hour-for-hour up to 12 hours. If they register between March 16th and the day of the event, they can get hour-for-hour up to 6 hours. If they do not register, they can come to the event and earn hour-for-hour with a max of 2 hours. More girls than I expected signed up for the entire 12 hours, and I am very excited to spend the entire night with them! Some of us- definitely me- will be there for MUCH longer than that as set-up for the event begins at 3:00 pm on Friday, and I will probably have to stay later on Saturday morning to clean up.

We also held a yard sale to raise money for Relay that make $630!! Yes, you read that correctly- $630!! 🙂 (Girls could receive service hours for their donations to this project.) While we received lots of great donations from sisters, the yard sale would not have been the great success that it was without the generous help and donations from Caitlin’s parents. The yard sale was at their house, they donated most of the things that we sold at the yard sale, and they were an amazing help donating their time and talents to this great cause! Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Amick! 🙂

In the past couple of weeks, I have been working on getting donations for our on-site fundraiser. We have a popcorn machine and supplies from Parker’s aunt, cupcakes from the Publix bakery where Allie works, and cookies from Jillian’s mom at Cookie Chic. These are going to match our carnival theme, and they are going to be amazing!! Here is a preview:

So, getting everything finished for Relay is this week is going to be very busy! I still have to make some signs (Caroline is going to help me in TRAC on Tuesday morning), attend Bank Night on Tuesday night to turn in our team’s final money, pick up participant t-shirts for our team members who raised at least $100, and choose our campsite on the Green. I also need to purchase bags for our popcorn and face paint this week. Oh, and finalize everyone’s schedule- I have a huge spreadsheet with everyone’s task assignment color coded, individual time assignments to hand out to sisters at the event, and sign-in sheets for each station. I want everything to be as organized as possible so that things run smoothly at the event.

I will be back with more Relay info as soon as I can update.