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The excitement is really beginning now!!

On Saturday, September 10th, we held our annual pinning ceremony to welcome our new pledge class- the Eta Pledge Class. All of the baby Etas were so cute and excited! Here they are with their pledge mom, Katelynn:

It reminded me of my pinning ceremony (held just last year for the Zeta pledge class). Unfortunately, my best friend, Lauren, was not able to attend pinning this year, and I missed her so much! Pinning just wasn’t the same without her… Here we are together at last year’s pinning ceremony:

I felt that this year’s pinning was a huge success, except for one minor problem… We were not able to get into our cube on the third floor of the student center, so we did not have access to anything in there- tablecloths, decorations, bottled water, plates, cups, napkins, and most importantly, our letters! 😦 We always take pictures with our big, wooden letters at pinning, but we were not able to this year. Oh well- We still had all of our beautiful ladies there representing Omega Phi Alpha!! Here are some photos from our time together after the pinning ceremony:

Before the secret pinning ceremony, all of the Etas filled our their preference sheets for their big sisters, and the active sisters filled out their preference sheets for their littles. All day I was anxiously waiting to find out who my little(s) would be, but I found out on Saturday night, so I didn’t have to wait very long. The littles are the ones who must be patient- They don’t find out who their big is until Reveal next Saturday. 🙂