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On Sunday, October 30th, I participated in Boo at the Zoo at the Atlanta Zoo with my sisters. For this event, lots of families came out. All of the children, and some of the parents, wore Halloween costumes. Some parents even matched the children- I saw one family of Supermans and another where the mom and daughter were both dressed up as chickens. They had the zoo decorated with Halloween decorations, both in and out of the animals’ habitats. There were pumpkins, spiderwebs, and ghosts hung throughout the park.

I dressed up as the tooth fairy! (This was also my costume for our Halloween chapter the week before.) I wore an extremely sparkly pink dress that I got on sale at Charlotte Russe last year, some hot pink tights, sparkly flats, a crown that I have had forever, and the wings from my angel costume last year. I cut a tooth out of some white sparkly felt and safety-pinned it  to the front of my dress. For Boo at the Zoo, I made a toothbrush wand using some sparkly embellishments of  ribbon and pipe cleaners. As you can see, the key to being a tooth fairy is sparkly sparkles! Even though I thought it was pretty obvious what I was with the large tooth pinned to my chest and the toothbrush wand, some kids were a little confused. Throughout the day, I was called princess, fairy, and butterfly, but all of those are acceptable costumes, so I was ok with the confusion. Here is a picture of my costume along with my little, Mei Mei, who dressed up as candy corn! (She is adorable!!)

When we first arrived at the zoo, around 8:30 am, we were not able to park in our designated spot because  of the runners in the Atlanta Marathon. They had the streets blocked off around the zoo, so we parked a few blocks away in a residential area and walked. It was so cold, and I couldn’t feel my toes! When we finally got to the zoo, a nice zoo employee directed us to the building where all of the volunteers were meeting. There was our large group, fifty girls from Omega Phi Alpha, as well as a group from the Key Club of a local school. We were split into groups and told what we would be doing for the day. My job would be handing out candy over by the reptile house. They had lots of candy stations set up all over the zoo, and there were also craft stations for the kids to enjoy.

Here is a video from last year’s event. I wanted to include this video in my post because I really think it captures the fun spirit of Boo at the Zoo,  and it shows some of the adorable kids’ costumes. The baby bumblebees and lions were my favorite, although there was one little girl who was dressed as a flamingo. It was an awesome costume! 🙂

After the event was over around 3:00 pm, some people came to shut down our candy station, and then we were free to walk around the zoo! A whole group of  us got together to explore.

While watching the pandas, Christine and I were reminded of this popular YouTube video: (I can watch this multiple times in a row! I don’t know why I find it so funny…)

Overall, I really enjoyed this service project! It was fun to spend time with my sisters, especially some of the pledges that I had not previously spent as much time with, and I loved seeing all of the kids. I would like for us to go back next year.