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So far, we’ve made it through Fall retreat, rush, and our two bid days.

This was my first fall retreat, and I absolutely loved it. We went to a girl scout camp near Macon, GA, which was out in the middle of nowhere. Over the weekend, I felt that I was able to bond with my sisters- even some girls that I had not previously gotten to know. We played some games, braided some hair, and painted some nails, but mostly we spent our times in meetings- planning and voting on service projects that we will complete throughout the semester. We have some great projects this year, and I am really excited about all of them! 

Our theme for rush this year was “Peace, Love, and ΩΦΑ.” Most of my work went in pre-rush. As Marketing Director, I was in charge of the marketing committee for rush. Our duties included making and hanging fliers as well as chalking all over campus. (We were warned for chalking too close to the on campus housing, but it was cleaned up, and it will not happen again! I will be absolutely sure to follow all of the rules in the RSO handbook- now we know.) To advertise even further for rush, we created some little candy favors which included all of our information to hand out to students on Monday afternoon, the first day of rush. I also created a big banner which I hung up in the student center. (I found out that we are allowed to print 6 free banners per semester as a registered student organization, so I will definitely be taking advantage of that!)

Then it came to the actual event, a three night affair. The decorations committee and all of the families did a great job- everything was so cute! So many great girls came out to be part of our Eta pledge class- I can’t wait to get my little! 🙂

Handing out bids was so much fun! Christine, Dawn, and I were assigned four girls who all lived in Marietta, so it was very convenient. The girls were so excited!


Now that I am somewhat caught up on the semester, I can move on to the things I am doing now… While searching for other blogs about sorority life or something along those lines, I stumbled upon T.J. Sullivan, a motivational speaker who travels to campuses talking to college students about leadership. Here he is:

I especially liked the end of this video when T.J. talks about the attention that should be given to the middle third (the members who come to meetings and fulfill all of their requirements) of an organization. What he says in this section of the video is so true- in any given organization, all of the attention is divided between the top third (the leaders of the organization) and bottom third (the slackers in the organization). I agree with him when he says that the top third should stop paying so much attention to the bottom third, the people who do not want to come to meetings and events, and devote themselves to the middle third. If the leaders of the organization were to ask the middle third what they can do to make their experiences better, the organization would improve as a whole.