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So, I know that it has been forever since I posted to my blog, but I really want to keep this blog going! I have actually been writing posts in my head, I just haven’t made the time to sit down and write them… This will be my post to catch up on everything, and then I will try to stay up to date on everything that we do in Omega Phi Alpha. This sorority is so important to me, and I want to share my love with the world! 🙂

The last time that I posted, I was getting ready for Spring retreat. Now that retreat has come and gone, I would like to announce that my ammendment passed! After much debate and long discussion, we decided to ammend my original ammendment from 30 service hours per semester to 25 hours. The Alpha Zeta chapter of Omega Phi Alpha now requires 25 service hours!! I am incredible happy, and I think that we are headed  in the right direction. We have so many amazing service projects lined up this semester, that I am sure girls will get way more than 25 service hours. After they see how easy and fun it really is, maybe they will be in support of raising it again. I am thinking of ammending again at Fall retreat, but we will see how this semester turns out first….

I also proposed that we include our local history in the information that is taught to new pledges, and this procedure change also passed!! I am very excited about this as well, because I feel that it is very important to keep the knowledge of our chapter alive. Now that we are growing, integrating the information into the things that are presented to the pledges each year will make sure that it is passed along down our family trees. During the voting, we decided that the membership director/pledge mom would decide how to incorporate the information for her pledges. 🙂 I have not started compiling the information yet, but I will have it done by the end of this semester (or the end of summer at the latest) so that we can approve it as a chapter before it is presented to our new pledge class in the fall.