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Light the Night was a great success! I thoroughly enjoyed the night, and I think that everyone there had a great time as well. It was such a huge event, and I think that we are all excited to be involved again next year and inspired to do more!

During “for the good of the chapter” on Sunday night, Stacy told us that her mom loved the walk, and she told Stacy,“I like how you talked in front of people.”  Stacy also let us know that she has some cool ideas for next year!!

When we first arrived, I was so happy to see that Stacy’s mom, dad, and brother were all able to attend the event. It was great to see them there in our lavender shirts right beside Stacy and Linda, aka “Stacy’s Mom” for the night. 🙂

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of our donors! Because of their amazing kindness and generosity, we were able to meet our fundraising goal and surpass it! As a team, we raised $1,510.00! That is $1,510.00 going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for treatment and research! I am so proud, and I think that next year we can make it even bigger- maybe we could move our goal from $1,000 to $5,000 or $10,000! I think that we could do it! Because I raised over $100, $231.83 to be exact, I got a free meal ticket,  a t-shirt, and a red balloon to carry during the walk. (The balloon was kind of annoying me because it did not go straight up, so I let my grand-big, Liz, carry it. Thanks, Liz!)

As we lined up for the walk, I was shocked to see the amount of people there- as I said before, it was a huge event. It was much bigger than I anticipated it to be. There were so many people involved and it really felt great to be a part of something bigger. We started walking at a snail’s pace because there were so many people around, but we were slowly making it up the first hill. At the starting line, there was a woman announcing teams as they walked past. Most of the team’s were much bigger than ours and carried a banner with their team name. Because we didn’t have this for her to see, I squeezed my way through the crowd to get to the woman, and I started yelling, “Stacy’s Mom! Stacy’s Mom!” right in her face. (Yelling because the crowd and the music was so loud!) She announced it on the microphone and our team cheered! This may seem like a silly detail to some of you, but it is the small things like that that really made me feel like I was part of the night and the experience for Stacy’s Mom.

Our team’s spirits were high, and as we walked, Stacy tried to lead us in the chorus of the song, “Stacy’s Mom.” Hilariously, badly, we made it through the chorus, but that was about as far as we got… For those unfamiliar with the song responsible for our team’s name, here is the reference:

I decided to bring my puppy, Chloe, with me to the walk. I guess this was a good idea, because everyone loved seeing her and holding her. The only problem was that she never…. let’s just say “relieved herself” while we were at the park, and when we started to walk I could tell she really had to go! Unfortunately, it was not really the time or place for that because we were 1) on the streets of Atlanta and 2) walking along those streets with a large crowd of people. There were no places to stop and if we did, we would get left behind. Well, when nature calls, I guess that it wins, because we did end up stopping, and I tried to give Chloe ample opportunity to do her business in a planter. Kelly took a picture: (not sure what is up with that flash of light…)

Unfortunately, this was not the right place for Chloe, and she refused to do anything. Giving up, we had to run to catch up with our group as everyone by Kelly and Liz had kept walking. (It was so nice of them to stay behind with me so I wouldn’t get lost!) We did manage to keep up with the group after that, but Chloe was a little wiggle worm that would hardly stay in my arms! I kept trying to get other people to hold her so I wouldn’t have to… Not a very hard task with a cute little puppy in a group full of girls. 🙂

At the end of the walk, I hugged Stacy and her family goodbye, and we went our separate ways. I really think that Stacy’s mom enjoyed the walk- because Stacy told us that she did at chapter, but also because I could see it in her face.  This was such a great night, and I think that it is one of my favorite Omega Phi Alpha memories!