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October is breast cancer awareness month! As someone with a breast cancer survivor in my family, this month and this project are very important to me.

This week, on Monday and Tuesday from 9:00-4:00, we held our annual “yogurt table” in the Student Center. For this service project, we buy tons of Yoplait yogurt and give it out for free on campus. FREE! All that students (or teachers, or university staff, or basically any people who walk by our table) have to do is give us the lid! (That is where our nifty little slogan comes from : “Take off your tops.”)

As you can see on the Yoplait homepage, the goal is to “save lids to save lives.” For each pink lid that you save and send back, Yoplait donates ten cents to the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer research up to $2 million!

Here is a commercial for Yoplait’s efforts that I found online…

For Omega Phi Alpha, this is a great way for us to get our name out there to the university community, and I think that this is the main reason that we continue to do this project year to year. Many students were very excited to see us again, and some told us that this is something they look forward to every October. Now that is some dedication to the Susan G. Komen foundation… or maybe a devote love for yogurt. Either way, we got their lid, and they are helping us make a difference!

Now, regarding our slogan- I think it is cute and catchy. I also think that it looks cute on our shirts, but mostly I think that we are setting ourselves up for trouble. For example, when I was volunteering at our table on Tuesday morning, I asked a couple of guys, “Hey, do you want some free yogurt?” And they responded with, “Which one of you is going to take your top off?” Being awkward me, I didn’t really say anything and caused a really uncomfortable moment for myself before he finally responded, “Just kidding.” Of course, I should have responded with a smart comment or at least responded, but I couldn’t think that fast… It was early.

Also, Scrappy, the Kennesaw State University mascot, came to our yogurt table! I was in class, but Katelynn posted a picture on Facebook. I was especially excited to see that a couple of OPA Alumnae commented on the photo. 🙂

Along with this vital connection to the university community that this service project fosters, another plus for us was that once we had people interested in our free yogurt, it gave us a great opportunity to tell them about our fundraiser night that we have coming up at Chick-fil-a. Graciously, the Chick-fil-a on Chastain Road in Kennesaw has agreed to give us a percentage of each person’s purchase between 5:00 and 8:00 pm on Wednesday, October 26th who mentions Omega Phi Alpha! All that you have to do is go eat there and say, “I’m eating for Omega Phi Alpha.” It’s that easy! Lily and I sat at the yogurt table in the morning, and then when it was time for us to go to class, we took yogurt with us for our classmates and professor. As Lily was passing out the yogurt and spoons, I took that opportunity to tell our class about our fundraiser. I hope that some of them will go and remember to say “Omega Phi Alpha,” because that is the most important part. As you can see, while service is our main focus, we still have a lot of other things that go on in our sorority like fundraising and sisterhood.