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Becca’s Closet: “It’s Just a Dress… But It’s So Much More!”

As the bell rings, my students take their seats in preparation for another day at Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia where I am completing my student teaching. Each day, a chosen student begins the class by sharing one of their favorite quotes with their peers. Likewise, I would like to begin this article with a quote that sums up the heart of this project: “Little things can make a big difference.”

Indeed, the little things are extremely important to my high school students, and one of the biggest events of the spring semester looms in the air- prom. For many girls, attending prom may be difficult or completely unobtainable because of the financial obligations involved, but that is where Becca’s Closet, a national organization with chapters across thirty one states, comes into play.

The core mission of Becca’s Closet is to collect and distribute dresses to high school girls with financial need for events such as prom, homecoming, military ball, Latina gala, and even the eighth grade dance.Becca’s Closet began as the brain-child of a 16-year-old girl named Rebecca Kirtman in Davie, Florida. As their website states, “Becca, a cheerleader, honor student, and caring young woman, passed away in a tragic automobile accident on August 20, 2003. Today, her family and friends not only remember Becca for her great love and friendship, but also for her contributions to the community.” There are now countless, dedicated volunteers working to keep Becca’s dream alive by providing free dresses to girls in need.

At Campbell High School, my collaborating teacher, a former social worker, introduced me to the social worker on staff at the school who told me about this great opportunity to give back to the community. When I presented the project to my chapter, I was overwhelmed by my sisters’ response- 100% of our girls voted “yes” to the project! I was so touched and proud of my chapter that I was utterly speechless. Through this project, Alpha Zeta has been able to touch many lives through our participation as “personal shoppers” for the students as well as through the donation of dresses, clothing, and food that the social worker will distribute to students in need. This is our first year partnering with Becca’s Closet, but I hope that our chapter, as well as others, can continue to work with this amazing organization in the future. Seeing the teenage students’ faces light up when they find the perfect dress that makes them feel beautiful and confident is truly a priceless gift.

To read more about this organization or locate a chapter in your area, please visit Any monetary donations may be mailed to Becca’s Closet 151 North Nob Hill Road Suite 280 Plantation, FL 33324.


Theta’s Brunch

Like Activation, Brunch was a huge success! I love this event because it is one of the few times that our sisters’ parents are in attendance; I love that this event gives them the opportunity to learn about our organization and what their daughters are doing. We truly do some great things, if I do say so myself, and this is just a little chance for us to share our story and brag about what our newest pledge class has accomplished throughout the semester.

Here I am with two of my littles at the Theta’s Brunch.




The pledge class also gives the chapter a gift: so cute!! 🙂


IMG_0446 IMG_0447

Theta’s Activation

I am so proud of my little, Chelsie H.!! 🙂 Also, this is the first time that all three of my littles have been with me at once! If only my big and grandbig could have been there… Maybe one day it will happen. 😉

IMG_0430 - Copy


I am so incredibly proud of my Alpha Zeta chapter- we welcomed 37 new sisters into our chapter this year! The Theta pledge class is full of amazing women that I know will add tremendously to our group. I can’t wait to get to know them better at Spring Retreat, and serve with them this semester.


The lambda family:

IMG_0428 - Copy IMG_0433I love my littles! 🙂


Bake Sale

Pinning 2012



Big/Little Dinner 2012

Sugar Rush 2012

Our theme this year was Sugar Rush, which I think is just adorable! 🙂


Thanks to Pinterest and the amazing decoration committee, we had some really cute candy decorations this year.


On Service Night, we worked with an organization called COLORS. Here is an excerpt from their website:

“COLORS is a social business that provides impoverished people across the world an opportunity to provide for themselves by teaching them creative skills, and also by providing an outlet to sell their hand-made goods. At the same time, giving consumers an opportunity to purchase environmentally friendly products that make a difference in another human beings life. We are currently partnering with Destiny Rescue in Chang Rai, Thailand to provide girls rescued out of sex-trafficking the opportunity to learn to crochet and use it to provide for themselves and their families. We traveled to DR’s Thailand base in January of 2011 ,taught four girls how to crochet, and built some very important relationships! This is more than a business for us, it is a ministry. We thank you for partnering with us in this, we could not do it without your support!”